The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 423) Transaction

“Until you return to the vineyard, no one is aware of this transaction. That is except for the Attorneys on both sides. It has been well documented that you are the legal owner and everything there belongs to you.” Once again, Crispin grows silent as he holds the binding of the book open.

“Is this a trick?” questions Marcus as he looks at Crispin harshly. “We heard Quinn talking with you and he demanded we have everything out of the house in just a matter of days. He wouldn’t even listen to us!”

There is a pause in the conversation as Crispin thinks about his uncle, the loss of the man he once worshiped, and the manner in which his life ended.

“No, I have no tricks up my sleeves and I wish only the best for you both.” Crispin turns to leave and stops, looking back slightly. “Read the journal thoroughly, for Ms. Valente detailed many things, including issues with her health.” Crispin steps toward the door and pauses. “If it helps, please know your Grandmother passed peacefully while walking the grounds of the vineyard that she loved. In her own words, you can read about the medical decisions she made and the heart ailment that she knew could not be treated.”

Excerpt 423

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