The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 424) Stunned

Without another word from Crispin, he leaves the art shop. Stunned at hearing what he shared, Destry and Marcus stand there, staring at the door as it closes behind him. “So my grandmother was truly ill and hid that from us.” states Destry in a calm tone.

“Apparently so,” Marcus says as he starts flipping through the small book. “I guess you’ll have to do as Crispin said and read her journal. In an odd way, what he said actually makes me feel better about the situation. That she passed peacefully.”

“Yes, I agree.” Destry looks up at the shop door. Finally, after several seconds of complete silence, she leans closer to Marcus and grabs him as they hug each other tightly. She then jumps up and down like a little kid, smiling like Marcus has never seen her smile before.

“Do you know what this means? We can live there at the vineyard and your art can be on display there and in Madrid at all times! This is amazing! I cannot believe it, Marcus! I love you so much!”

“I love you, Destry.” Marcus says as he grabs her twirling her around several times before they kiss.

“Just when I had accepted that all was lost. . .I’m stunned. I must call Severo!” She says as she grabs her phone.

“I’ll get a hold of Lyla after I secure this notebook, she’ll be elated.” Marcus says as he sets his phone up on the counter. Little does he know how significant his phone call may be as he grabs the book and takes it to the back room of the shop. He quickly locks it away in the small safe in the wall.

In the guest room of Lyla’s house, flames are dancing in the fireplace as Marnie tosses more wood on top of the already over packed stack.

Excerpt 424

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