The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 427) Flames

“Oh yes, when you are gone I’ll be there for Crispin, to keep his mind off you. He will adore me and treat me like the most beautiful woman in the world, which I am.” Marnie smiles and blinks her eyes several times. “It is all going to work out perfectly.” She turns her back to Lyla and strikes a match. This time she drops it in the lamp oil near the window. Flames take to the oil and the fabric of the curtains immediately and begin to run up the wall to the ceiling.

“Oh my god, no please Marnie, you don’t know what you’re doing!” screams Lyla now more frantic than ever to break free.

Smoke begins to fill the room and Lyla gets on her knees as she tugs at the rope trying to break the pipe away from the steam unit and floor. Coughing from the smoke, Marnie walks over to the fireplace and points at the oil she dribbled on the floor. It trails over to Lyla’s feet and around her legs.

Excerpt 427

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