The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 429) One Exit

Pulling Marnie by her arms, Crispin spins her around and slings her across the floor causing her to slide out into the hall like a rag doll. Unfortunately, the kicking and thrashing of her arms and legs spreads the lamp oil that she had leaked onto the floor. The entire area around the doorway catches fire engulfing the one exit Crispin has. The hidden entry near the fireplace has become fully engulfed and now the flames are thick and strong in the doorway as well as the window.

Out in the hall Lyla stands up and yells for Crispin, she can see him moving behind the wall of flames but as she pushes forward, the fire roars forcing her back.

“No, Crispin!” Lyla screams but the smoke is too much for her and she begins to collapse in the hall. The crackling rushing sound of the flames grow and build as she stumbles, falling to the floor.

Excerpt 429

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