The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 433) Looking For Him

“So tell me, what is it that Crispin did, aside from saving two lives tonight?” asks Lyla as she scans the area looking for him. Again, she does not see a sign of him anywhere and more than anything, she wants to be near him.

“He gave me the vineyard.” Says Destry quickly. “What?” asks Lyla a bit shocked yet thrilled as she looks from Destry to Marcus. She is surprised but as she thinks about it, not really. It is almost as if she expected Crispin to do the right thing.

“Yeah, he had notes signed by Destry’s Grandmother stating her last wishes. He said nothing had been removed from the house yet and that it was all rightfully Destry’s.” explains Marcus as he smiles at Destry then Lyla.

“I think that is fantastic. It’s the best wedding present you could ever ask for.” Lyla says softly. She smiles at them both then looks out at the darkness surrounding the outlined areas of the scene. Marcus and Destry look at each other with worry.

“So, had you told him about our plans, to get married?” asks Marcus. “Is that why he had a change of heart?”

“No, I haven’t said a word about it.” Replies Lyla as she slowly turns around looking out at the dark yard and nearby homes.

Excerpt 433

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