The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 441) Follow Me

Crispin looks into Lyla’s eyes as he cups her face in his hands. Gently he slides the fingers of his right hand along her cheek as he moves a few loose strands of hair away from her eyes. “Are you alright?” he asks.

“I was afraid I lost you.” She replies, as they stand exceptionally close.

“All of this will work out, I promise.” He stares at her with strong intensity. She has no reason to doubt him.“Alright,” she replies as her voice cracks slightly.

Lyla waits until Crispin shuts the door to let Smokey out of her crate. Immediately, the pudgy cat meows and hides under an end table near the sofa and Lyla knows to leave her be until she feels comfortable in her surroundings.  Flipping on another lamp the area brightens slightly and it makes the essence of the space even more inviting. The handle of the door makes a clinking sound as Crispin opens it and this causes Lyla to jump a little. However, she does a good job of hiding her nervousness from him.

“This is it.” He says as he quickly closes the door behind him. With one bag over his shoulder and two in his hand, he says, “Follow me, I’ll run you a bath so you can get the soot and smoke washed off, it’s back this way.” He walks through the room to a short dark hallway.

Excerpt 441

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