The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 442) Take Your Time

Clicking the light switch on in the bathroom, he sets one bag on the counter and walks over to an old white antique porcelain bathtub. It is bright and shiny as the light reflects off its pristine coating. Turning the faucets, both knobs squeak slightly as he opens them fully. Once the water is warm and starts to steam, he plugs the drain and turns toward Lyla. He smiles at her then looks down at his dusty soiled clothing and wipes a blotch of ash from his sleeve. Opening a cabinet, he lays out a couple of towels and a washcloth

“Take your time, relax, and let me know if you need anything. I’ll be down the hall; I need to clean up as well.” He looks at his dingy clothing, grins, and then steps out into the hall pulling the door shut. Quickly he reopens the door sticking his head in to speak. “The robe hanging on the door is new if you wish to use it.” He then closes the door again leaving her alone in the spacious yet cozy room.

Excerpt 442

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