The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 443) Floating Away

Lyla walks over to the mirror and looks at herself. She has a gray smear on her right cheek and what looks like ash in her hair. As she lifts her hand to push her hair back, she sees the dirt under her fingernails and between her fingers. It is all she can do not to cry about this frightful evening.

“What happened to you, Marnie? How did you possibly slip so far?” Lyla says to her own reflection.

She turns and undresses, tossing her dirty clothes into a pile, then steps into the warm tub. Bath oils and soaps are setting on a little ledge and she adds some to the running water then lies back allowing the bath to fill just inches from the top.

Once she turns the water off, she hears the faint sound of music playing softly from down the hall. Closing her eyes, she smiles as she listens to the relaxing sounds. It is as if she can feel the stress of the day lifting off her body and floating away.

Excerpt 443

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