The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 444) In Search Of

How much time has passed since they arrived at the cottage, Lyla is not sure of. It was well past midnight when they left her house and she feels it must now be nearly three o’clock in the morning. Her soak in the bathtub has lasted long enough for the water to start cooling down and she pulls the plug allowing the water to begin its swirling sounds as it drains out.

Stepping onto the thick bath rug, she wraps a towel around her wet skin and with another towel, squeezes the moisture from her hair. Slipping into the robe that was hanging on the back of the door, she neatly drapes the towels across the edge of the tub to dry and runs her fingers through her hair like a comb.

Slow calming music continues to play off in the distance. Lyla opens the door and steps into the short hallway that connects the bedrooms to the main living space of the cottage. Her bare feet feel cool on the wood floor as she slowly walks down the hall in search of Crispin.

Excerpt 444

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