The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 448) Her Bare Skin

“You should be comfortable in here.” Crispin says has he stands at the doorway allowing Lyla to walk into the room alone. She glances around at the various pieces of antique furnishings and the linens that remind her of a fine hotel. “After I put the candles out and stop the music, I’ll be back to see if you need anything. Make yourself comfortable.” He says as he winks and smiles at her. “Your things are in that bag on the dresser.”

Without another word, Crispin turns, pulls the door shut, and walks into the shadows of the hallway. All layers of the linens are folded back, much as they would be in an upscale hotel, and thick fluffy pillows are stacked near the headboard in a mound. It is as if the bed is inviting a guest to partake in a long luxurious slumber and Lyla is more than ready to do so.

Sitting on the table near the lamp is a glass of ice water and a small vase supporting a single pink rose. She steps over to the dresser and looks in the bag. It contains several articles of clothing but she leaves them where they are. Turning, she slips out of her robe and drapes it across the foot of the bed before sliding between the sheets in her bare skin.

Excerpt 448

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