The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 449) Don’t Leave

As Lyla covers up in the cool sheets she lies back on the soft pillows, it is all she can do to stay awake. From down the hall the music has now stopped and soon she hears Crispin quietly walk into the room. Opening her eyes, she smiles up at him.

“Are you comfortable?” he questions as he stands at the foot of the bed. Lyla reaches out to him and he walks over taking her hand in his as he sits next to her on the bed. “You are safe here.” He says softly. She sits up as he pulls her into an embrace. With her head pressed to his chest, she feels the warmth of his body and his arms across her bare back. His shirt smells fresh and is soft to the touch and at this very moment, she feels a security she has never experienced before.

With extreme tiredness setting in, she wants nothing more than to drift away and dream, but not alone. She does not want Crispin to leave. Still held in his strong arms, she looks up at him as he leans in for a kiss pulling her even closer. With her arms wrapped lovingly around his neck, she draws him to her.

“Don’t leave.” She whispers as their eyes meet.

Lifting the sheets, she invites him to lie down next to her. As he does, she gently caresses the side of his face starting near his ear and following his hairline, while he slides his hand along her waist and up her back. Laying there in a tight embrace, he kisses her softly on the neck as they respond to one another, as they never have before.

Excerpt 449

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