The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 454) Engulfed

“Smokey, hey little girl.” The fluffy cat does not respond. “Smokeums, are you hungry?” Again, no response, “Smokey?” Lyla says as she nudges her cat but instead of a warm welcome, she realizes Smokey is stiff and cold. She is dead. “Oh no.” Says Lyla as she covers her mouth from the shock. “What happened?” sitting there for a few minutes she again calls out to Crispin. “Crispin, are you here?” Now she begins to cough as she realizes the fog in the house is actually clouds of smoke in the air. It is causing a burning sensation to attack her throat.

“Oh god, oh no.” Lyla says to herself as she stands up. “Crispin!” she yells fearing he has succumbed to the toxic air. Lyla cannot catch her breath as she makes her way to the door. Trying without success to turn the lock, she soon realizes it is jammed and will not budge. Stepping over to the window, she pulls back the shades and pushes the shutters open to find the entire area, the fields and nearby trees, engulfed in massive flames. So much so that she cannot see the driveway or the tree lined drive.

Excerpt 454

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