The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 455) Screams Out

As Lyla steps away from the open window, she begins to hear laughter. It is a loud overbearing sound from nearby, but she does not see anyone. Turning around she trips over something causing her to fall to the floor. Looking back at what caught her footing, she finds that Crispin is lying on his back covered in blood and lifeless.

She gasps for air as she turns to help him but the smoke begins to overtake her; she cannot breath and begins to feel sick to her stomach. With one final push of air, she screams out for help and someone steps up beside her.

Looking up, she finds Marnie standing over her laughing in a wicked and hysterical manner as the fire engulfs her. It starts at her feet and covers her clothing then ignites her shirt. The smell of singed hair is strong as Marnie’s entire head bursts into flames.

Excerpt 455

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