The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 457) Should She

Smokey still has an ashy smell to her fur from the fire, but she looks better than she did a few hours ago. The poor cat must have been grooming herself all night. Lyla leans back and holds her hands up in front of her astonished at how badly they are trembling from the frightening nightmare.

“I don’t ever want to have a dream like that again.” She says to herself as she lies on the pillows and closes her eyes. This is her attempt at giving herself time to relax and ease into this new day. Immediately she thinks about Crispin and all the things that have happened in such a short time. She knows she is madly in love with him, how can she possibly help it, but should she be? Should she trust him so blindly?

“Oh stop it, Lyla.” She says to herself as she looks up at the ceiling. Closing her eyes again, she smiles as she sees Crispin’s face and thinks of their closeness. In addition, it is wonderful how happy Marcus and Destry are because of Crispin’s decision about the vineyard. “I knew he’d do the right thing.” She whispers to herself as she sits up.

Excerpt 457a

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