The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 459) No Trace

Lyla reaches down to the foot of the bed and grabs the bathrobe she laid there last night. Slipping it on, she cinches it at her waist and slowly walks across the room and opens the door. Dashing out ahead, Smokey runs down the short hall and rounds the corner into the main room. Lyla can still hear the heavy thuds of all four paws as the hefty cat runs across the room.

There is no trace of smoke or any strange mists as she searches for Crispin and this is a relief. The main room is void of anyone but herself and still pleasantly scented by the bouquets of flowers Crispin arranged last night. Stepping into the kitchen she  finds Smokey alone, nibbling on dry food from a small bowl on the floor.

Looking out the windows the sun is high in the mid afternoon sky. She does not see Crispin anywhere but the car is still in the drive, so she believes he cannot be too far away. Going back to the bedroom, she digs through the bag of clothes Crispin gathered and slips on a pair of pants and a shirt.

Excerpt 459

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  1. such great writing~

    July 22, 2014 at 1:47 pm

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