The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 462) Have A Need

The heavy scent of earth and blossoms is intoxicating as Crispin leads Lyla quickly through the glass building. From here, they exit though another door and step outside to a rather large vine-covered pergola with a fire pit chimney at the far end. Creamy tan and white stones are grouted together making a perfectly level floor as they walk over to a table that is sitting in the center.

“Exactly what time is it?” Lyla asks a bit shocked to see that the sun appears to be low in the sky for the noon hour.

“It is half past three.” Replies Crispin as he pulls a chair out for her to sit down.

“No, you are kidding me, right?” she questions as she looks out across rolling hills of green grass and white rocks. “Oh Crispin, this area is beautiful. It takes my breath away.” She cannot believe that she is in the same country as her hometown.

“Yes, it is beautiful, peaceful, and remote here.” States Crispin as he sits down across from her. “As you may suspect, I tend to keep to myself except when I am needed, or have a need.” He smiles as he reaches out touching her hand.

Excerpt 462

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