The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 467) Fresh Start

“It still smells like smoke in here,” Crispin says as he wraps his arms around Lyla, “but I have the best crew already starting the restoration. It will be perfect once again.” He says as he directs her toward the staircase. Walking arm in arm to the second floor they continue their conversation.

“Look at how far we’ve come since we met six months ago, and again now.” Says Lyla as they stop on the second floor landing. She looks down the hall to the right at the damaged portion of the house. The space is dark, gloomy, and still very wet from the water used to extinguish the flames. The scent of moisture mixed with smoke consumes the air.

“Don’t even look that way, Lyla. It will all be repaired and you need not subject yourself to bad memories.” Crispin takes her hand and guides her down the hall toward her bedroom. “Just think of this as a new beginning, a fresh start, and soon everything will be as it should be.” He smiles.

Crispin stops at Lyla’s bedroom door allowing her to enter first. She is thinking of what he just said and he is right. This is a new beginning, exciting and fresh is exactly how she feels. Looking back at him, she thinks of how he must have felt, realizing how frightened she had become of him. She cannot fathom how manipulative and cruel Quinn’s distorted guidance was for him at that time. Crispin is right, they are starting new. Looking at him, she smiles and he responds with a wink.

Excerpt 467

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