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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 497) Strong Presence

Crispin has become the most important person in Lyla’s world and she cannot bear the thought of all the pain he has suffered recently. Has it ever been this bad before, has he endured such anguish in the past? Thinking of the events and watching as he took on the distress of Robert and Marnie, makes the compassion she has for him even greater than before.

As Lyla walks into the bedroom she sees the covers turned back exposing a small bloodstain on the pillow and bottom sheet. This is actually good for his bleeding must have stopped soon after he fell asleep but Crispin is not there. She looks around the room and down the hall; she has no idea where he has gone. Coming back from the kitchen, she knows he was not in any of the rooms she passed along the way, so where might he be?

“Crispin?” Lyla says softly as she looks down the hall.

With no reply, she walks over to the bed and sets the tray of fruit and juice on the small night table. Rolling up the sleeves of Crispin’s shirt that she is so comfortable in, she leans over and takes a closer look at the blood on the bedding.

Very quietly, Crispin is watching from the doorway. He slowly comes up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzles at the nape of her neck then touches his face next to hers. Lyla jumps slightly then realizes how wonderful it is to be here in his loving enveloping and very strong presence.

Excerpt 497

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 496) Basic Things

“You hungry pretty girl?” questions Lyla softly as Smokey responds with her typical dry raspy meow. Rummaging around in the kitchen cabinet, Lyla finds a can of tuna. “Hum, we need to get some food here for you little one.” She pours half of the tuna into a small bowl and sets it on the floor where Smokey begins to eat.

Looking at the time, Lyla realizes it is not morning at all, but mid afternoon. She picks out several pieces of fruit and pours orange juice into two small glasses. Setting the items on a tray, she carries it with her as she goes back to the bedroom to check on Crispin.

Walking from room to room, she realizes how quiet it is here and how comfortable she truly feels. There is a sense of peace and calmness about the place that she cannot quite explain. After all, it is a simple structure, well dressed with uncomplicated furnishings, and bits of whimsy.

Maybe that is what appeals to her most of all. The basic things are all she needs. However, even with this contentment surrounding her, she is unable to stop the intense worry she has for the man she loves.

Excerpt 496a

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 495) Recovery

As if traveling with the passing storms, the horrific night is finally over. Lyla awakens next to Crispin and for nearly an hour, she silently watches him sleep. He looks peaceful and is no longer breathing erratically as he had the past several hours. Cool to the touch, he is no longer suffering a high fever.

The night seemed to go on forever as Lyla stayed by him tending to his needs and begging him to pull through. The color has returned to his face and for the first time since the incident, she knows he is recovering from the trauma. Realizing this is just the beginning of his recovery, she wishes not to disturb him.

As she attempts to get out of bed, Crispin slowly rolls over on his side facing away from her. She stops in place and hesitates to move again as she holds her breath. As much as she wants to talk to him, hold him, and see that he is indeed better, she knows it would be wrong to wake him.

After waiting a few minutes, she shifts again in a very slow and deliberate manner, as she gets out of bed and leaves the room. Smokey follows as she walks through the cottage and as they approach the kitchen, the cat begins to meow loudly.

Excerpt 495

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 494) Congratulations

“Welcome home,” states Severo as he wipes tears from his eyes and opens his arms for a hug from Destry. “Welcome home!” yells everyone in unison as they smile and clap their hands exchanging hugs and handshakes as the group mingles happily.

“Congratulations are in order as well, Ms. Destry and Marcus will marry soon!” says Severo as if he is making a speech on the town square. The group cheers once again and the opening of wine bottles is just the beginning of a long well needed party.

The luggage is unloaded from the car by three of the men and they follow Destry as the group enters the house. It is obvious the furnishings are just as Crispin promised. Everything is still in place and undisturbed even the small paper pad Destry’s grandmother used for jotting down notes, is still sitting on the table near the door.

Hours later, as the warm welcoming of Destry’s return winds down, she and Marcus say goodnight to their wonderful staff and step outside to watch the sunset. Holding her in his arms, Marcus feels at home here with Destry as their life together begins.

Excerpt 494

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 493) I Respect Him

The men look over the roof of the car at each other, step back from the vehicle, and stay quietly in their position until Marcus slowly begins the drive up the gravel road. Destry and Marcus look at each other almost in shock, then both smile and begin to laugh as they realize everything is working out perfectly.

“I was so scared there for a moment!” Laughs Destry. “I can’t believe this, Marcus. It’s like a dream come true!” She grabs his hand and gives him a kiss.

“I think we are going to have to ask Crispin to the wedding.” Marcus says happily. “He really set things straight and I respect him for it.” He looks at her for a few seconds then kisses her again. “I love you, Destry.”

“I love you, Marcus.” She replies.

As they pull up to the main house it looks quiet and practically deserted. Marcus shuts the car off and they sit there looking toward the front door in silence. Just as they begin to exit the car, the door of the house opens wide as Severo, followed by all fifty employees, walk out and swarm the vehicle.

Excerpt 493

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 492) Your Ownership

Tired from their long flight and drive from Madrid, Marcus and Destry have finally made it to the vineyard. As they turn off the main road onto the gravel drive, two men approach the car forcing them to stop. With one on each side of the vehicle, Destry looks at Marcus and they both fear the worst. Has this all been an evil ploy?

“Hello?” Questions Marcus, almost sarcastically, as he rolls his window down only a crack.

“Ms. Boucher?” says the man without acknowledging Marcus. He bends down to look into the window of the car.

“Yes?” Destry replies as she looks up at him.

“We are here on behalf of Duff Industries to present you with all legal documents of your ownership to this property. Along with your official items, Mr. Duff has paid any fees and fines that this transaction entailed.” The man says without hesitation. He holds a thick file out in front of him prompting Marcus to roll his window down all the way. Destry looks at Marcus for a moment then reaches out, slowly taking the file.

“Thank you,” she says softly.

“Also, Mr. Duff asked that we meet with Severo and the entire staff here at your vineyard. They are aware of this matter and all are waiting for you and Mr. Olwen at the main house. Kind regards to you, Ma’am.” The man says to Lyla as he shakes her hand. He then looks at Marcus and says, “Sir,” then with a nod continues with, “Good day to you both.”

Excerpt 492

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 491) Interlocks

Crispin reaches out and in a weak manner pulls Lyla to him. They lie there together in each other’s arms and she finds herself counting the seconds between his breaths. As she watches his face, she looks for any change in expression that may indicate if he is feeling any relief. With her left hand, she interlocks her fingers with his and several minutes later he relaxes once again into a deep sleep.

For three more hours, there are many lulls and outburst as a line of storms push through the area until weakening into light rain showers. Lyla stays at Crispin’s side and still does not sleep as she continues her loving vigil over him. However, as dawn approaches and he relaxes, she is no longer able to keep her eyes open.

With one last glance at the window, she sees a thin line of sunlight streaming through the crack in the curtains. With her hand still holding Crispin’s, she looks at him, then lays her head on the stack of pillows beside him. After only a couple of minutes, she drifts off to sleep. Gently and without knowing it, she tenderly pulls herself as close to him as possible looping her leg over his as she listens to his cadenced heartbeat.

Excerpt 491

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 490) Under Distress

As Lyla glances up, she feels Crispin’s body twitch and he frowns as if in pain. She scoots up in bed so she can be ready if he needs her. Sitting there, she puts her hand on his forehead. He is hot to the touch and sweating, yet shaking as if he is freezing. It is obvious he has a high fever. Quickly crawling out of bed, she runs to the bathroom where she wets a clean wash cloth with cool water. All the while, she wishes she could contact a doctor or someone who knows what he needs in order to beat this. Yet, she understands Crispin’s hesitation for assistance due to his mystical abilities.

Thunder pounds loudly and the ground shakes as she comes back into the room. Crispin is breathing heavy as if under distress and Lyla quickly climbs back into bed. Sitting on her knees, she folds the cloth placing it on his forehead and he pulls back as if it burns.

“I’m so sorry.” She says as she cups his face in her hand, Crispin immediately opens his eyes and she notices they are his natural color. He stares at her for several seconds without changing his facial expression or saying a word. Does he not recognize her? Still holding his face in her hand, Lyla leans in close and looks deep into his eyes. Trying not to blink she says over and over again in her mind, I love you, I love you, I love you.

“Crispin.” She whispers as she holds her stare.

Excerpt 490

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 489) The Anguish

Several minutes later Smokey jumps up on the bed and nuzzles in between Lyla and Crispin’s feet. Lyla continues her sentinel over Crispin as she thinks of the events that have drawn them together. She even reflects on the way things were back when they first met months ago.

She remembers being heartbroken when she thought he was simply using her, for she had already fallen for him. In reality, everything that happened months ago was due to misunderstandings, miscommunication, Quinn’s twisted control and Crispin’s patience wearing thin. Now, recognizing all of this, she wants him to fight even harder to recover.

In witnessing firsthand the anguish he suffers for others, she now realizes how difficult Crispin’s life must be. Even Marnie, he took her pain as she was dying even after he realized what she had done. If anyone were less deserving of such sympathy, it would be her.

Because of Marnie’s deranged attack and overdose of medications, he is enduring far more distress than he should. She fears he may not pull through and worries that this episode might damage him or worse yet, kill him.

Excerpt 489

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The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 488) Without Him

With an almost nonexistent touch, Lyla runs her fingers along Crispin’s cheek, around his ear, and across his forehead. She continues with this slow delicate and soothing pattern hopeful he finds it to be relaxing. Without opening his eyes, his expression once again looks as if he is trying to smile. Thinking of Crispin, warmth comes over Lyla making her feel light and happy unlike anything she has ever felt before. She has learned so much about him in such a short amount of time, but she feels almost as if they are old friends picking up where they left off.

“Crispin you must recover,” she thinks to herself, “His face is what I see when I close my eyes, and I cannot imagine life without him.”

“I love you.” Lyla says in a soft whisper as she kisses him gently on the forehead.

She lays her head on the pillow next to his and moves closer to him. Very gently she rests her left hand on his chest where she can feel every breath he takes. Watching him intently, thunder crashes down again but she does not have any worry for the storm, Crispin is her only concern and he has all of her attention.

Excerpt 488

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