The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 474) It’s Too Late

Crispin flinches with pain and grabs his chest but continues to focus on Marnie’s eyes. Oddly, Marnie begins to laugh as tears roll down her cheeks and a small amount of blood spurts from her mouth. Crispin yells out in great anguish, which startles Lyla severely.

“I. . . I was going to end it all anyhow.” Marnie whispers as she laughs. “I thought I had it all planned.” She wheezes as she huffs several times for air. Marnie is watching Crispin very closely. She glances at Lyla then resumes her focus on Crispin. Soon her eyes become relaxed as she reaches for his face but her bloody arm falls to the floor with a heavy wet thud. Her eyes cloud over turning to a hazy gray. Reaching out to Crispin, Lyla barely touches his arm and he yells out in distress, clutching his stomach he doubles over and draws his legs up.

“Lyla, she. . . she took all of her medications, she overdosed, it’s effecting me.”

“What? No! Crispin what does that mean?” Lyla asks as she tries to comfort him. “You have to stop, you’re too weak.” She yells as she pulls on his arm.

“It’s too late.” He replies as he continues to take on Marnie’s pain and discomfort as she lies on the floor dying.

Excerpt 474

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