The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 475) I Must Hide

“Crispin, stop, back away from her!” Lyla screams. “She is killing you!” She is not sure how, but she manages to pull him back several feet from where Marnie lays.

“Guess I win after all, Lyla.” Marnie says in a very weak voice as she coughs up more blood. In a spine-chilling childlike manner, Marnie starts to giggle as she looks at Lyla who is frantically trying to save the man she loves.

“I feel better now.” Marnie smiles as she looks up at the chandelier. “Look at all the pretty colors, look at all the pretty. . .” Her voice fades, her eyes close, and her body goes limp. Crispin immediately falls over on his side and closes his eyes.

“Oh god no, Crispin, no!” whispers Lyla as she holds his head in her lap. She begins to cry for the emergency team has not yet arrived and she does not know what to do. Crispin’s lips move but she can scarcely hear his words. She leans down touching her cheek to his.

“What are you saying?” she asks as she holds him tightly. His face is cold and his breathing unsteady.

“I must get back to the cottage, to heal.” He whispers in a weak voice. His beautiful eyes are closed and he is exceptionally pale and cold.

“No, I hear the sirens, help is coming.” Lyla is in tears.

“My physical readings will not make sense to them, I must hide.” Crispin leans up as he tries to stand.

Excerpt 475

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