The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 476) Are You Hurt

Lyla helps pull Crispin to his feet. Hunched over and holding onto the wall, they slowly walk to the bathroom that is located in the hall under the staircase. He collapses on the tiled floor of the small room and tells Lyla to lock the door and leave him there.

“I don’t want you to be alone.” She says as she kisses him on his forehead. She feels as if she is about to faint, she cannot lose him, not now, not ever!

“Tend to Robert, his back is broken but he will be okay.” Crispin closes his eyes as Lyla pulls a towel from the storage shelf under the sink. She presses it onto his shoulder where blood is still oozing from the terrible gash.

“I will be right back and I promise I will get you to the cottage.” She says quickly as she hears commotion in the foyer. Pulling the door shut, she runs down the hall to find several people tending to Robert. A man drapes a sheet over Marnie’s body as another man approaches Lyla.

“Are you alright?” Asks the officer as he looks at Lyla’s blood covered clothes. “Do you have any injuries?”

“What?” asks Lyla in a daze as she looks at the man standing before her.

“Are you hurt?” he asks as he holds her hands turning them palm up to check for defense wounds.

“No, no, I don’t think so.” She mumbles as she watches several people working on Robert.

Excerpt 476

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