The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 477) Come After You

Time is moving in slow motion yet somehow passing too quickly. Lyla is in a daze about what has happened and the only thing she can think of is getting Crispin out of there. While she is giving her statement of the events that transpired, the emergency workers gently support Robert’s neck and body and load him onto a stretcher. Quickly they take him from the house and to the hospital for treatment.

“We were afraid she was going to come after you.” States another police officer as he approaches Lyla. “Why are you here, you were staying with someone, weren’t you?” he asks.

“Yes, I just came here to gather some of my things.” Lyla explains as she looks back at the bathroom door.

“Well, we won’t keep you much longer. It’s pretty obvious what happened here.” The man says as he looks up at the broken banister railing. “From your statement and the appearance of things, looks like Robert tried to stop her and took the brunt of it. You sure you haven’t been stabbed?” He looks at her clothing and hands once again. “You have blood all over you and it looks like a drip trail down the hall.” Lyla looks around at her bloodied clothing and hands then follows the path of the officer’s eyes as he looks in the direction of the bathroom. The track of blood is excessive for someone without wounds. “Is there someone else here with you?” The officer asks as he starts walking down the hall.

Excerpt 477

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