The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 480) I’m Here

“Crispin?” Lyla whispers. “Crispin?” she says again as she walks toward the veranda doors.

“I’m here.” He says from the shadows of Lyla’s office. His voice is extremely weak and low. In fact, she was not sure if what she heard was actually him at all. Leaving the lights off, she goes to where he is hiding near her desk. He is on the floor and she kneels in front of him.

“Can you walk?” she questions as she looks in his direction. She can barely see him and then she realizes he has just opened his eyes. They are still glowing, but much like the eyes of a cat, and the movement of color is dim and barely swirling. She immediately reaches out to help him stand up.

Leaning on her for support, Crispin walks with Lyla as they go out the back door being sure to stay in the darkness of the shadowy yard. Somehow, they manage to get to the car rather quickly and he lies down in the back seat. It is in this faint lighting that she notices how pale he has become. His face is sullen, not expressive, and his eyes appear deep-set and dark.

“Do you know the way?” he asks as he coughs and moans.

“Yes, I think so.” Says Lyla as she starts the car and slowly pulls away from the house hoping the movement of the vehicle will not cause even more suffering for Crispin.

Excerpt 480

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