The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 487) Gasp Of Breath

“Where are we?” Lyla asks as she steps back from the edge. She can feel Crispin’s chest on her back.

“We are at the end of the road.” He replies as he puts his arms around her. The tone of his voice is low and without expression and she feels cold and frightened. As she turns around to face him, she finds herself standing alone on the path. Several feet away is a small dwelling with a heavy black door and green shuttered windows. As she stands there, captive to her surroundings, the door slowly begins to swing open.

Anticipation and nervousness take over Lyla’s emotions as she realizes Quinn is standing just inside the entry, hidden in the shadows of the room. His face is clear and visible as if detached from his body. He is quietly observing her with glaring eyes. She is frightened and this dead man’s expression bites into her sending chills along her spine.

Suddenly he rushes forward and within seconds has Lyla by the arm as he drags her to the edge of the ridge. Rocks and pebbles fall beneath her feet as she stumbles trying to steady her footing. With his hand on the back of her neck, Quinn pushes her off the ledge and she feels herself falling into the eternal misty void!

With a gasp of breath, Lyla is jolted out of her dream as she sees a bright flash followed immediately by a loud crash of thunder. The pounding causes the lamp on the table to rattle and Lyla looks up at Crispin’s face. She is not sure how long she rested but feels it was only a matter of minutes.

He looks so very pale, more so now than when she helped him lay down. Frightened that he may not be alive, she reaches up to touch the side of his face. He opens his eyes ever so slightly but does not focus on her face. It is almost as if he is looking through her. The corner of his mouth rises slightly before he closes his eyes once again.

Excerpt 487

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