The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 494) Congratulations

“Welcome home,” states Severo as he wipes tears from his eyes and opens his arms for a hug from Destry. “Welcome home!” yells everyone in unison as they smile and clap their hands exchanging hugs and handshakes as the group mingles happily.

“Congratulations are in order as well, Ms. Destry and Marcus will marry soon!” says Severo as if he is making a speech on the town square. The group cheers once again and the opening of wine bottles is just the beginning of a long well needed party.

The luggage is unloaded from the car by three of the men and they follow Destry as the group enters the house. It is obvious the furnishings are just as Crispin promised. Everything is still in place and undisturbed even the small paper pad Destry’s grandmother used for jotting down notes, is still sitting on the table near the door.

Hours later, as the warm welcoming of Destry’s return winds down, she and Marcus say goodnight to their wonderful staff and step outside to watch the sunset. Holding her in his arms, Marcus feels at home here with Destry as their life together begins.

Excerpt 494

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