The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 495) Recovery

As if traveling with the passing storms, the horrific night is finally over. Lyla awakens next to Crispin and for nearly an hour, she silently watches him sleep. He looks peaceful and is no longer breathing erratically as he had the past several hours. Cool to the touch, he is no longer suffering a high fever.

The night seemed to go on forever as Lyla stayed by him tending to his needs and begging him to pull through. The color has returned to his face and for the first time since the incident, she knows he is recovering from the trauma. Realizing this is just the beginning of his recovery, she wishes not to disturb him.

As she attempts to get out of bed, Crispin slowly rolls over on his side facing away from her. She stops in place and hesitates to move again as she holds her breath. As much as she wants to talk to him, hold him, and see that he is indeed better, she knows it would be wrong to wake him.

After waiting a few minutes, she shifts again in a very slow and deliberate manner, as she gets out of bed and leaves the room. Smokey follows as she walks through the cottage and as they approach the kitchen, the cat begins to meow loudly.

Excerpt 495

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