The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 496) Basic Things

“You hungry pretty girl?” questions Lyla softly as Smokey responds with her typical dry raspy meow. Rummaging around in the kitchen cabinet, Lyla finds a can of tuna. “Hum, we need to get some food here for you little one.” She pours half of the tuna into a small bowl and sets it on the floor where Smokey begins to eat.

Looking at the time, Lyla realizes it is not morning at all, but mid afternoon. She picks out several pieces of fruit and pours orange juice into two small glasses. Setting the items on a tray, she carries it with her as she goes back to the bedroom to check on Crispin.

Walking from room to room, she realizes how quiet it is here and how comfortable she truly feels. There is a sense of peace and calmness about the place that she cannot quite explain. After all, it is a simple structure, well dressed with uncomplicated furnishings, and bits of whimsy.

Maybe that is what appeals to her most of all. The basic things are all she needs. However, even with this contentment surrounding her, she is unable to stop the intense worry she has for the man she loves.

Excerpt 496a

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