The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 497) Strong Presence

Crispin has become the most important person in Lyla’s world and she cannot bear the thought of all the pain he has suffered recently. Has it ever been this bad before, has he endured such anguish in the past? Thinking of the events and watching as he took on the distress of Robert and Marnie, makes the compassion she has for him even greater than before.

As Lyla walks into the bedroom she sees the covers turned back exposing a small bloodstain on the pillow and bottom sheet. This is actually good for his bleeding must have stopped soon after he fell asleep but Crispin is not there. She looks around the room and down the hall; she has no idea where he has gone. Coming back from the kitchen, she knows he was not in any of the rooms she passed along the way, so where might he be?

“Crispin?” Lyla says softly as she looks down the hall.

With no reply, she walks over to the bed and sets the tray of fruit and juice on the small night table. Rolling up the sleeves of Crispin’s shirt that she is so comfortable in, she leans over and takes a closer look at the blood on the bedding.

Very quietly, Crispin is watching from the doorway. He slowly comes up behind her wrapping his arms around her waist and nuzzles at the nape of her neck then touches his face next to hers. Lyla jumps slightly then realizes how wonderful it is to be here in his loving enveloping and very strong presence.

Excerpt 497

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