The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 499) Happy Eyes

“I brought you some fruit and juice, we need to build your strength up.” Lyla says as she looks at the gauze on Crispin’s shoulder. “Here, sit down and let me change this out.” Lyla sits with Crispin on the edge of the bed and slowly peels the gauze away from his skin. To her surprise, his wound has closed and is healing nicely and at an extremely fast rate. A stunned expression crosses her face as she glances from his shoulder to his face a few times.

“How?” she questions as she gently pulls the medical tape from his arm to remove the dressing completely. “The pills Marnie took, the wound, everything. . . you almost died!” She says as she looks at him with wide questioning yet happy eyes.

“You are correct. I have to admit I was initially concerned about the wound and once I realized what Marnie had done to herself. . .” His voice trails off has he holds Lyla at the shoulders. “She had a severe wound and when I realized she overdosed on medications as well, I was not sure if I had the strength to pull this one off.” He stares at her intently without wavering.

Excerpt 499

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