The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 501) Your Eyes

“Several times during the night I remember waking up, only for small short segments, but there you were.” Crispin says as he studies her face. “You were right beside me, watching over me the entire time. You looked so worried, so caring, and I was too weak to reassure you.” He slides his fingers along her jaw line and down her neck. “With your eyes, you spoke to me. It was the love in your eyes that made me fight, Lyla. I fought harder than I ever have before.” Crispin’s energy is low and his body drained from the ordeal.

Sitting up on her knees, Lyla wraps her arms around his neck, pulling him to her as she holds him in a protective manner. She was so afraid for him and he is right, she stayed with him through every moment, heard each heartbeat, and felt each breath that he took. Never in her life has she experienced a bond like this with anyone, in no way has she known this much love. Never before has she felt so helpless, troubled and unsettled.

“I would never leave you, Crispin.” She says softly as she leans back to make eye contact. “I never will.”

“It is your love that took the pain away, Lyla. It is you who saved me.” Crispin smiles and Lyla grins as they stare at each other.

Excerpt 501

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