The Eyes Of A Fetch (Excerpt 504) Foggy Cloud

“Where are we going?” Lyla asks as she feels Crispin’s hand in hers. It is not the interlocked hold they had as they fell asleep, but one of him in front of her, guiding her along. He is gently pulling her through this foggy cloud of shadows and at times, she feels a floating sensation as the wetness of the air moistens her face.

“You will soon see.” Crispin replies.

“This is a dream; I know this is a dream.” Lyla mumbles.

“Dreams can come true.” Says Crispin as they stop moving and seem to be drifting slightly above the ground.

“Where are we?” she asks as she increases her grip on his hand still unable to see anything around her.

Fear is seeping into her mind because this journey feels so real, unlike her typical dreams of late where she knows she is dreaming. This one actually gives her the impression it is truly happening and she finds herself very much afraid of the darkness. The nightmare she had of Quinn forcing her over the cliff is strong in her thoughts. She cannot bear to revisit that experience once again for it too felt real, as real as this does now. What if this is truly happening and what if Quinn is not dead after all?

“I am here with you.” Crispin says as a response to her squeezing his hand. He knows she is afraid, he can feel it in how she is holding his hand and by the sound of her voice.

“Let go of reality, Lyla.” He says in a soft echoing tone. “You can trust me.” They seem to have stopped traveling in this strange and curious hollowness.

Excerpt 504

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