Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 1) Should Not Be

It should not be a happy occasion; death usually brings about the most heartbreaking feelings in people. Yet today, there is laughter and a sense of relief to the friends and family members gathered here. After what Stephen’s great-uncle had been through, everyone was overjoyed in hearing of his passing.

The walls of this small house look dreary compared to their once warm and inviting color. The single candle at the end of the hall is burning bright as its unwavering light reflects in the dusty tattered mirror. The discoloration of age on the glass gives it an eerie appearance as if someone had once tried to scrub the reflection from it.

Stephen Pap has only been to this small town in Hungary once before and under the same circumstances but at that time, he was a boy of only nine years of age. Fifteen years have now passed but to him, the memories of that visit still haunt his thoughts and nightmares.


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