Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 5) Thankful

“I do not believe a bed is made up for you to even sleep here.” Waiting for his response, Stephen’s great-aunt pulls brown gloves out of her hard-shelled purse and slips them onto her wrinkled hands.

“I should be fine here and sleep is not a problem; I took a nap shortly before the funeral and with the time difference, I will probably be up most of the night.” Stephen states as he takes her gloved hand in his. He is thankful for all she has done to make him feel comfortable in this unfamiliar place.

What she does not realize is that Stephen rarely sleeps, not all night anyway. He has been like this most of his life and even more so after his ninth year. The day of his grandfathers passing and the funeral that followed are the clearest memories Stephen has of his childhood. In fact, no matter how hard he tries he cannot shake them from his mind.


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