Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 8) Small Lamp

Gradually, Stephen turns and looks down the shadowy corridor at the dim light of the candle that is still burning and permeating the air with the scent of roses. He remembers his grandfather, who he felt such a connection to, lying there in the bed with only a small lamp lighting the room.

His grandfather seemed relaxed and calm that day as his health was on the mend. Even though there was much improvement, he did not want to overdo it and decided to lie down for a few minutes and rest. Stephen wonders, is this how his great-uncle passed? Was it in the same manner as his grandfather? These questions keep running through his mind repeatedly, as if this thought is a wheel stuck in a groove.

Stephen, with his father and mother, had come here for a visit several days prior. He recalls it was a thrilling week of sightseeing, visiting, and of devouring the most wonderfully delicious meal’s he ever tasted in his life. This is one of the vague memories Stephen has of his grandmother, that she was a fantastic cook. He recalls her being a very quite person, always off to the side watching, and she did not interact with the family much. In fact, his memories of her are almost nonexistent.


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