Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 10) This Thing

Stephen adored his grandfather dearly and he eagerly ran down the hallway but remembering what his father told him, he made sure he stopped just short of the door. He knew he should avoid frightening the man by bursting into the room so he hesitated before continuing.

As he slowly pushed the door open, he was stunned at what he saw. There on the bed, sitting hunched over and crooked next to his sleeping grandfather sat an old woman, or was it a man? Stephen could not tell and the longer he watched this creature the more he questioned if it was even human.

With its reddish tinted skin pulled tight around its pointy bones, this thing, whatever it was, did not seem to be bothered by Stephen’s watchful eye. It sat very still, almost statue like with arms crossed.  Gradually it bent over breathing in his grandfather’s face as it made a wheezing sound that started with a gurgle deep in its throat as if it were full of water.


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