Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 11) Chuckled

“Grandfather?” The young Stephen questioned as he stood in the doorway.

The elderly man stirred from the sound of his grandson’s voice and opened his eyes. He then turned and looked at Stephen with a loving smile. The creature on the bed chuckled as if finding this exchange to be funny as it pointed a long thin finger at the elder man.

The beast then glanced in Stephen’s direction as if looking to see if the young boy was laughing as well. What happened next is the most appalling part for the monster eased both of its arms high above its head, holding this position for several seconds as if waiting for a cue to move.

Suddenly, with great power, it thrusts its fists down on the old man with such force it jolted him nearly to a sitting position. A look of shock and terror crossed his grandfather’s face as the second blow from this beast hit him.


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