Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 13) Quietly Seated

Stephen’s grandfather was gasping and screaming out in pain as this thing continued to attack without any concern to the group that has now gathered in the room. It was hopping around on the bed as if this were a child’s game. Stephens grandmother stood horrified with her hand covering her mouth as she looked from her husband to Stephen and back again.

Suddenly, after one final blow, his grandfather fell back on the bed, lifeless, no longer yelling out, no longer in pain, and no longer alive. As Stephen watched in horror, his father began CPR on the older man and the beast, now quietly seated on the bed, turned and looked Stephen in the eye. The most hideous evil smile Stephen had ever seen came across the monster’s bony distorted face.

Wrinkles and lines cut deep into its leathery skin and around its dark lifeless deep-set eyes. Its deformed arms and legs, bent up around its thin almost skeletal torso as it wiggled each finger on its oversized hands. The grin turned into a giggle and then laughter so loud Stephen had to cover his ears.


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