Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 14) He Fumbles

Holding his eyes closed tight, Stephen huddled down on the floor with his head buried in his arms as he tried to block this horrific event out. His grandmother began screaming and the laughter of the creature simply became too much as he yelled out in an attempt to overpower the volume. That was the last thing he remembered before blacking out.

Standing there now, in the same house where his grandfather died in a most disturbing way, Stephen’s anxiety level is at an extreme high. The rooms are dark and the dwelling quiet as he fumbles around in the pocket of his jacket.

Nervously, he pulls a small plastic bottle out of his pocket and due to his shaking hands, the pills are rattling around in the container. A quick chill creeps up his spine for this sound is very reminiscent of the gurgling breath emitted by the beast responsible for his grandfather’s demise.


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