Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 16) Warm

It is moments much like this when Stephen wishes he had his parents to guide him. Together and shortly after his eighteenth birthday, they were killed in an automobile accident. Due to what he witnessed in losing his grandfather as a child, he spent many hours in therapy and the demise of his parents in such a sudden manner only increased his torment.

Losing them demolished his sense of trust and love and took away the only people he felt close too. Most of all his mind wanderings imagined a far worse fate than what actually happened to them. In the darkness of his thoughts, he often wonders if accidents are just that, or if evilness played a role much like what took place here in this house so many years ago.

Walking back to the sitting room where the fireplace is warm and bright, Stephen pulls a folded document from the inner pocket of his jacket. It is the deed to the house and property, which includes forty-two acres of land and several out buildings.


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