Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 17) Unaware

The main structure on the property is enormous with numerous bedrooms, a full library, and a massive glass conservatory large enough to place the small apartment building he has lived in for the past six years inside it. He is reading the details and measurements of his new possession but until daybreak, he is completely unaware of how magnificent the place truly is.

This building, where he is now, is what his father referred to as the gatehouse. It is significantly smaller in comparison to the large manor. It served as the core living structure for his aging grandparents because it is all on one level. Upkeep of the larger home would have been nearly impossible for two elderly people and they chose to retain what they owned by locking it up.

According to what he has learned of his deceased great-uncle, the man never set foot in the large house except to check for leaks or broken pipes and general maintenance. He hopes it is as sturdy and sound as the document says or he will have far more work cut out for him in the coming months. One thing he knows for sure is that he will not live here, in this particular dwelling known as the gatehouse, for his memories will not allow it.


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