Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 18) Introverted

Carefully folding the pages exactly as they were, Stephen stuffs the document back in the pocket of his jacket and walks over to the fireplace. On the mantel is an old wedding picture of his grandparents. It is brown and white and has aged well over the years in fact it looks exactly as he remembers it from fifteen years ago. He pulls it down and stares at the youthful faces recognizing his father’s features in both young adults.

It occurs to him that he cannot recall what happened to his grandmother, he does not remember a funeral or even an announcement that she passed. He cannot imagine that she would still be alive or that it would even be a possibility. She was very different from his grandfather, quiet, stern, not at all playful or loving.

Her persona did not resemble anything close to what one believes a grandmother to be. She seemed to keep to herself and not join in many conversations or appear to enjoy listening to others. He snickers at himself for this description sounds very much like his own silent and introverted self.


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