Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 19) Insomnia

Stephen wonders if perhaps after that horrible night of his grandfather’s death, his grandmother could not bear to stay here in this area of Hungary alone. To Stephen that does not seem to be out of the ordinary, in fact he is asking himself that very question now. He wonders if he will be able to stay here even for just one night.

A resting sleep is not an option and he knows this. Unfortunately, it is not a result of travel or being in a new place, or in this case, a place that produced the most frightening moment of his life. Insomnia is something he has suffered with for years and nothing helps him relax or slow his mind from racing though images and words that come at him constantly.

Stephen walks back through the kitchen and unlocks the door that leads outside. The air is cold and biting and as the door swings shut with a squeak, he looks out at his surroundings. The bottom of his shoes make a tapping sound as he steps down onto the cold hard stones of the path that leads to the top of the hill.


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