Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 20) No Difference

There is no breeze or movement as Stephen stands there in the dark trying to see into the shadows of the landscape. A shiver crosses along his shoulders as he realizes there seems to be no difference between the chill and stillness inside the house to this bitter cold and silence outside.

He can see a path that he knows leads to the house on the hill. He remembers looking at it those many years ago as he stood in this very spot. He kept asking if he could go there and look around but neither his father nor grandfather would give him permission, so he sat and wonder about what it must be like inside.

He always pictured it like a castle, with walls of thick grey stone, heavy iron fixtures, and tight hidden passages. Now, as an adult, he has a far greater understanding of what he should expect to find when the sun comes up. He realizes there will be much to do to restore it properly and his days of investigating for hidden secrets left him along with his childhood.


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