Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 21) Settles Deeper

Stepping back inside the kitchen of the gatehouse, Stephen walks to the sitting room fireplace and tosses two large logs onto the red-hot embers and low flames. The dry wood takes immediately brightening the room with its fiery yellow glow. After standing there for several minutes to warm his hands, he quickly walks to the other side of the house, passing the hallway without giving it a second glance and enters a dark room.

He turns a lamp on in what he believes is logically the master bedroom. Stephen sits down in a plush overstuffed chair and due to his movement, a slight puff of dust rises from the fabric. Sitting near the window, he reaches over and pulls back the thin sheer curtains covering the glass as he peers outside.

“It’s as dark out there as it is out back.” Stephen murmurs as he settles deeper into a slouching position in the chair.


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