Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 25) Rhythmic

Shifting his position in the chair, once again Stephen pulls the curtain back to stare outside, but this time releases a long wide yawn. His eyes feel heavy to him and since there is nothing to see but the darkness of night, he lets the thin fabric fall back into place.

Resting his head against the back of the chair, he folds his arms in front of him and closes his eyes. The rhythmic ticking sound from the clock is the only noise in the house other than the occasional pop or spark from the slowly dissipating flames of the fireplace.

With his head tilted back, Stephen opens his eyes and leans to the right to catch a view of the fire. Pleased that it is safely contained and still burning strong, he slides down a little further in the chair and stares at the floor. Memories of his parents consume his mind at this hour and he wonders how things might be today, right now, if they were still alive.


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