Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 27) He Shivers

The ticking clock sounds again stirring Stephen from his slumber as the chime rings six. With a twitch, he opens his eyes and looks around in a confused manner, then wipes his hand across his face as he yawns. He now realizes where he is.

“Two hours of sleep,” he says to himself. “That’s practically a record. I never get two hours straight.”

Running the back of his hand along the sheer curtain, he pulls it open exposing a foggy morning. Trees that sit only feet away from the house are barely visible, as they stand silent in their misty blanketed world.

The gravel drive looks wet with dew and the rocks have a slight sheen to them as if covered in a thin layer of glistening ice. He sits there for several minutes looking out as if waiting for someone to arrive, but no one is expected.

Sliding up straight in the chair, he tilts to the right for a view of the fireplace. As expected, there is no longer a flame burning, even the coals are cold and black in color. It is now that he shivers and pulls a blanket from the bed, draping it over his shoulders before standing up.


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