Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 30) Thin Metal Steps

Looking up, Stephen sees the thermostat on the wall.

“Well that means the furnace is around here someplace.” He says as he rubs his chin and pulls the blanket tighter around his neck and shoulders. He then looks to his left.

Cracked open about an inch is a narrow door with peeling white paint and a broken latch. Stephen steps over and slowly pulls it open exposing thin metal steps that lead down to an earthen floor. He clicks the switch on the wall and a dim light snaps on with a spark but it continues to light the basement enough for him to find his way.

The metal stairs squeak and shake with each step and he begins to wonder if he should continue. Stopping midway down he stands still allowing the steps to steady themselves and begins to think, if they break apart, how would he get back up to the main level?


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