Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 34) Captivating

The yellow hue of the sun reflecting off the low hanging fog casts shadows across the meadow and hills that lead to the large old manor. In plain view are the steeples and peaks of the roofline as well as towering chimneys of stone rising up above the obscurity of mist and drifting clouds. It reminds him of childhood stories of castles in the sky and mystical places his young mind used to dream up. There is a sense of shock at the enormity of the structure and excitement that he will finally be able to step inside its thick historic walls.

Letting the kitchen door slam shut behind him, Stephen steps to the edge of the rock patio as he stares at this captivating sight. From a distance, the exterior is in good condition and he hopes this means the interior will be much the same. His impulse is to start walking in that direction but with the fog still low and thick, he feels it is best to wait an hour or so, not to mention he is very hungry. He knows a hearty breakfast will get him off to a good start with plenty of energy, which he feels he will need, but he can barely take his eyes of his new possession.


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