Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 35) Reason To Hurry

“How could they live here and not want to be there?” Stephen questions his grandparents decision to lock the main house up tight and dwell here in this smaller, almost cottage like version.

He goes back into the house and pulls a frying pan out of a low cabinet. Last night his aunt shared that she had purchased staple items for the kitchen and as he rummages around, he pulls out a carton of eggs, butter, bread, two types of jam and his favorite part, coffee.

“Now this is going to be a meal.” He says as he grins.

With a small dollop of butter melted and swirled in the pan, he begins to fry four eggs. The furnace is still working properly and the house has warmed up nicely along with the temperature outside. While buttering his bread he glances out the window and can see that most of the fog has lifted, which gives him reason to hurry along with his breakfast.


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