Shadows Of Guta (Excerpt 36) Droplets

After washing and rinsing his plate and utensils, Stephen wipes his mouth and digs around in his pants pocket for the key to the main house. It is a large long skeleton key with intricate details giving it a gothic look, which Stephen likes very much. Holding it in his hands, he flips it over several times inspecting and admiring the intricate handy work of the person who made it.

Pushing the kitchen door open for the second time this morning, Stephen steps out into the tepid air and leisurely begins to walk in the direction of the immense old house. With the sun coming up behind it, the structure looms over the open hillside and Stephen cannot take his eyes off the site. Long shadows stretch out from its walls covering most of the ground in dark hues of gray and blue. The stone path is wet from the fog and droplets of water cling to the grass, trees, and shrubs that are growing in clumps along the walkway.


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